About Quiet Meadows


Nestled among the rolling hills of the Willamette Valley is Quiet Meadows Farm. Covering 189 acres, our farm consists of prime farmland with excellent soil. We grow organic blueberries, miniature Hardy kiwis (Tahi), and hazelnuts. Ten acres of this prime farming ground is dedicated to pastures and facilities for the care and nurture of our horses, Dutch Warmbloods .

About Our Farm


Dutch Warmbloods are our passion. As farmers who grew up around horses, it was our dream to engage in the partnership with these incredible animals. The KWPN horse is intelligent, possessing a lovely mind from birth, and is a pleasure to be with day after day. These animals embrace each new obstacle of life as a challenge accepted.

The mares have remarkable character and poise and are enjoyable to build an equine-human relationship with. The foals are brave, approachable, and inquisitive while being natural athletes. The stallions are strong performers with the desire to achieve while remaining approachable and handleable.

Today, our KWPN herd is comprised of outstanding KWPN mares, including Wimenta CL. The first foal crop of 2022 was the realization of our dream to breed and raise exceptional KWPN sport horses for the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Quiet Meadows


Main Barn

Enclosed dressage arenas (158’ x 75’)
Two foaling stalls
Two mare stalls
Viewing stand for visitors
Feed & tack rooms
Grooming & wash stalls

Foaling Barn

Two foaling stalls w/ fans & heaters
Attached turnouts, small pasture turnouts for transition of foals to pasture
One large pasture (Orchard & Kentucky Blue grasses)

Turnout Pastures

Five pastures for daily turnout (Orchard grass)

horse training arena with horse and rider

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