Excellent Genetics


At Quiet Meadows Farm, our breeding mares are our lifeline to the industry and breed success. The mare line is so vital in breeding for the right movement, conformation, mind, and sound constitution. That’s why we focus on excellent genetics to yield the most responsive and successful young horses.

Performance Characteristics



By focusing on the right genetics, we draw out the best qualities of our mare lines through the stallions we pair them with.


We take care to select horses that are intelligent and able to respond to the pressure of training with suppleness and a quiet, clear reaction. With a teachable, pliable, and inquisitive mind, our horses develop a work ethic that is conducive to a lovely and enjoyable partnership between horse and rider or owner.


Each horse must have the ability to achieve their sport function with ease to the best of its breed characteristics and capabilities. The KWPN horse is known for its intelligence and fluid movements comprised of tact, rhythm, and balance. Equine athletes need a frame that is balanced, capable of sufficient power, suppleness, and natural athletic ability. We look for functionality from the moment each foal is born.